Our Club

Blackpool FY1 2PZ, UK

Our Club

Blackpool FY1 2PZ, UK


This is your chance to better get to know the building, the club’s membership and age groups and share your thoughts about Claremont and discover who else the Magic Club works with.

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The owner of this badge has completed the required 4 tasks for this playlist activity ‘Our Club’ as part of the Peer Educators Induction Playlist which includes:
● Demonstrating a good knowledge of the building and the place.
● Explored and shared age ranges of club members and their motivations and interest in the club.
● Shared personal thoughts and feelings about Claremont and the surrounding area.
● Researched and identified the different organisations the Magic Club works with.

The holder of this badge has researched, shared and provided evidence that demonstrates a greater understanding of the building, its members, the area and other organisations connected to the club.
Completing this activity is one out of six required activities and a part of the Magic Clubs Peer Educators Induction Playlist.

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Aufgabe Nr. 1
Nachweis verifiziert von: Einem Organisatoren der Aktivität
Task 1: Draw a plan of the club of the building:
Understand and mark the following on your plan:

▪ The fire exits
▪ Store Cupboards
▪ First aid kit
▪ Toilets
▪ Main electrical switches
▪ Important notices
▪ And anything else you feel important

Aufgabe Nr. 2
Nachweis verifiziert von: Einem Organisatoren der Aktivität
Task 2: What age range of young people will you be working with? How do they find out about the club? What are their favourite activities?
Aufgabe Nr. 3
Nachweis verifiziert von: Einem Organisatoren der Aktivität
Task 3: What are your thoughts and feelings about the Claremont community as an area?
*Maybe create a community profile: Population, where do children and young people go to school, health, history of the place etc…

Aufgabe Nr. 4
Nachweis verifiziert von: Einem Organisatoren der Aktivität
Task 4: Which other organisations does the Magic Club work with?


Blackpool FY1 2PZ, UK


#technische Zeichnungen
#search membership
#examine community as a target community
#collaborate with colleagues
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