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Arts Inspiration

Blackpool, UK

Arts Inspiration

Blackpool, UK


Find out more about other artists past and present, which artist or work creatively inspires you the most?
Who or what is your creative inspiration? How do they creatively inspire you? How do they create art?
Include a picture or include some photographs or magazine pictures of your creative arts inspiration:
What do you like about their work? What do other people think of their work?
What do you already know about them? Research and find out some more about them… Where did you look? What new things did you find out about them?

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The owner of this badge has completed the required 4 tasks required for the ‘Arts Inspiration’ activity which forms a part of the learning playlist ‘Open Arts Award Bronze’. The skills, knowledge and attitudes gained and demonstrated through completing these tasks include:
  • Identified an artist or arts object that inspires them creatively
  • Researched to find out more about the person and/or the people behind making the object
  • Created and shared a poster of their inspiration and identifying what they know and what they have learnt about them
  • Shared their inspiration with others
Completing these four tasks means they have successfully provided evidence to gain the ‘Arts Inspiration’ badge and are now almost completed the overall ‘Open Arts Award Bronze badge.

You have to finish all tasks to get the badge
Task no.1
Evidence verified by: one activity organiser
Identify an artist and/or creative or a piece of work created by an artist that creatively inspires you and why? Describe the/their work? Document and record: Why have they and their work inspired you? What is it about their work that you really like?
Task no.2
Evidence verified by: one activity organiser
Research some more about the person behind the work and what they create. Find out more about your inspiration and share with us where you looked and what new things you found out about them.
Task no.3
Evidence verified by: one activity organiser
Create and share a poster of the person or work you have been inspired by, who/what it is and what you know and found out about them?
Task no.4
Evidence verified by: one activity organiser
Share your inspiration with others and provide evidence of who you shared with and what you have shared


Blackpool, UK


#Inspire and get inspired
#carry out a research strategy
#choose artistic materials to create artworks
Arts and culture
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Time to complete: 8 hours


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