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Effective Communication

Blackpool, UK

Effective Communication

Blackpool, UK


When you’re working with others you’ll almost always require effective communication skills. Having the ability to express ideas and opinions clearly, use active listening, and provide feedback to others is a key skill not just for success at work, but also in everyday life. Having this skill will give you the ability to build strong relationships, resolve conflicts and work effectively with others.

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The owner of this badge has completed the required 4 tasks required for the ‘Effective Communication’ activity which forms a part of the learning playlist ‘Working With Others.’ The skills, knowledge and attitudes gained and demonstrated through completing these tasks include:
  • Learning about the key skills that are needed for effective communication
  • Reflecting on ways to improve their active listening skills
  • Developing approaches to communicating feedback effectively
  • Identifying what qualities good communicators they know have and identifying how to use them in their own lives
Completing these four tasks means they have successfully worked to gain the Effective Communication badge and now well on their way towards achieving the overall ‘Working With Others’ badge.
You have to finish all tasks to get the badge
Task no.1
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Watch this video on effective communication in the workplace: Effective Communication Skills in the Workplace
Task no.2
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Thinking about the video you’ve just watched and your own behaviours, identify three ways you’ll try to improve your active listening.
Task no.3
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Thinking about the video you’ve just watched and a time you’ve had to give feedback in the past, write an example of how you would give someone appropriate and supportive feedback effectively.
Task no.4
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Think about someone you know who is a great communicator and go and have a conversation with them. Observe their behaviours, both verbal and non-verbal, then share your observations here and think about how you can incorporate them into your own communication style.


Blackpool, UK


#Communicate effectively
#accept feedback
#Can reflect on other people’s feedback as well as on successful and unsuccessful experiences to continue developing one’s potential
Career and job readiness
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Time to complete: 2 hours


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