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Private vs Social Housing


Private vs Social Housing



In finding your own home there can be different pathways, you can either find your own property in a private search independently or through a letting agent; or you might apply for the social housing register. In this activity you will learn about the processes of both and what you might experience you property search. This will help you in knowing what to expect, when and what signs might indicate that a selected home or letting agent might not be suited for you.

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Achieving this badge means you have gained more knowledge that will help you either in your property search or when you are assessed by the Local Authority Housing for social housing. You will understand better things to watch out for in your private search that might suggest an unstable home. You will also get to know a bit more of what the housing assessment is and will understand your allocated banding when you apply.
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Complete the attached worksheet in your own time. Write down your own ideas of what you think the differences or even similarities between private housing and social housing might be.
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Read through these scenarios and think about the pros and cons of each one. There are answers but don't look at them until the end:

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Here is an information sheet explaining the process of Blackpool social housing. Read through and think about what circumstance best applies to you. When you apply for social housing, the info here can help you know ahead of time what will happen.


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