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Gimme Five

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Gimme Five



‘Gimme Five’ is a Learning Playlist and forms part one of The Platforms Essential Career Skills Programme. It provides a structured and guided programme of exploration, reflection and evidence built around FIVE of the 21st Century Skills that will help you towards developing and growing as well as recognising the skills, abilities and interest you have and can gain.

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Activity 1 - Resilience
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This is your chance to share with us and explore more how you can demonstrate and identify how well you are at working on your own initiative and being proactive.

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The owner of this badge has completed the required 4 tasks required for Activity 3: Own Initiative which forms a part of the learning playlist Gimme Five. The skills, knowledge and attitudes gained and demonstrated through completing these tasks include:
• Learners will be able to define what it means to ‘take the initiative’.
• Learners will be able to demonstrate and understanding of how they can take the initiative in the workplace
• Learners will be able to recognise when somebody has used their initiative and when to use their own.
Completing these four tasks means they have successfully worked to gain the Own Initiative badge and are now on their way towards achieving the overall Gimme Five badge.

You have to finish all tasks to get the badge
Task no.1
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After watching the video, please share with us and give examples of what your understanding of taking the initiative at work means to you. Taking the initiative at work

Task no.2
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Visit the webpage: Out of the 9 identified ‘taking the initiative’ areas which ones are you good at and which ones do you struggle with? Taking initiative website
Task no.3
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Can you describe how you would know when others are using their own initiative? What examples could this include?
Task no.4
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You have just finished a task your manager asked you to do and now have nothing to do. What should you do to demonstrate you have a sense of initiative?


Cookson St, Blackpool FY1 3EF, UK


#demonstrate confidence
#Individual initiative
#adapt to change
#carry out internet research
#Nurtures optimism, hope, resilience, self-efficacy and a sense of purpose to support learning and action
#encourage good habits to promote successful communication
#apply learning strategies
#demonstrate positive attitude
#document and share well results
#Identify your strengths and weaknesses
#boost positive behaviour
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