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Images of Transition - Claremont

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Images of Transition - Claremont



We are delighted you decided to take part in this project this summer.Images of Transition is an exciting new summer photography project for Claremont from the Magic Club and in partnership with Blackpool City of Learning and two professional photographers, as well as the chance to achieve your Arts Award Explore. It is a project for young people aged 11 to 13 with a focus on exploring preparing for school in September using photography. The adventure will take you through a range of engaging activities and will also be a chance to work towards an Explore Arts Award. There will be three sessions with the photographers at the Magic Club (Saturday 15th August, Sunday 16th August and Saturday 22nd August) as well as some online recording and documenting the process through this platform ‘Blackpool City of Learning’.**About the Photographers: **Claire is a professional photographer based in Blackpool and a familiar face with many of the Magic Club’s members. Claire uses the camera as a tool to create conversation, sometimes a disguise and opportunity to be brave. You can regularly find her exploring skate parks, theatres, music venues where people, place, identity are important. She hopes the photography sessions will allow adventure, the chance to explore and look at things that may ordinarily be looked over or ignored.Claire’s own experience of junior school was super happy and remembers the daily walk, her friends, and her favourite subjects: art and English.Henry is also a Blackpool based professional photographer.Henry is well travelled, taking photographs of amazing places and outstanding people. He regularly works for the BBC and has photographs published in an array of sports and outdoor magazines as well as in exhibitions and galleries. Henry loves to explore the backstory of people and has photographed famous people from footballers, DJ’s to television presenters.Henry is proud to be from Blackpool and went to Layton Primary School and then Warbreck High School (Now Unity Academy). Many of his school memories are around sport as he went on to be a recognised talent at cycling and skiing.**About the Arts Award: **Arts Award Explore gives you the chance to; take part and work with two very experienced professionals, exploring photography, sharing how it inspires you, discovering more about Henry and Claire’s work and the Art B&B, make and create your own work, share and present your experiences to others. To document the experience you will use here to; share your work and thoughts and gain digital badges and then your Arts Award Explore an Entry Level 3 qualification.You will be supported by Buzz Bury another Blackpool born and bred artist and international youth worker and trainer.Make your summer count; learn photography, take photographs, share photographs, celebrate your time at your last school and prepare for a new year in a new school.Images of Transition is a Bubble Up project funded by Curious Minds through Arts Council England funding.

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