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Activity 4 – Location, Location

1a Langdale Pl, Blackpool FY4 4TR, UK
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Activity 4 – Location, Location

1a Langdale Pl, Blackpool FY4 4TR, UK
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This is our chance to explore Mereside together and to develop a greater understanding of the place. We want you to download the APP or use your browser to discover ‘what3words’ www.what3words.com as part of your exploration. ‘What3words’ is also now used by emergency and postal services to clarify specific locations.

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The owner of this badge has completed the required 4 tasks required for Location Location activity which forms a part of the learning playlist Mereside ‘innit’. The skills, knowledge and attitudes gained and demonstrated through completing these tasks include:
Gained knowledge and applied it to identify the three words on the What Three Words App are the entrance for Wash Your Words.
Used their camera to take a photo of a mystery Mereside place and the What Three Words to identify its location.
Used What Three Words to search and find a secret message.
Utilised digital tools and local knowledge to plan a bus journey to and from Mereside.
Completing these four tasks means they have successfully worked to gain the Location Location badge and completed all the activities and will automatically have earned the Mereside ‘innit’ badge.
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Naloga št.1
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What 3 words is the location of Wash Your Words?
Naloga št.2
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Take a picture of a mystery place on Mereside and give us the three words of the location & share the picture. What 3 Words
Naloga št.3
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Catherine & Buzz have left you a message at this ‘stress.clash.arena’ location, can you find it and what is the message?
Naloga št.4
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How would you get from Wash Your Words to Stanley Park Sports Centre by bus?


1a Langdale Pl, Blackpool FY4 4TR, UK


#interpret maps
#research methodology
#digital communications
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Mereside ‘innit’
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