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Framed Transitions

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Framed Transitions

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Framed Transitions is a Bronze Arts Award and a continuation of the Bubble Up Curious Minds funded Images of Transition. The learning playlist has been built around discovering further the world of photography and the arts while exploring transitions through COVID 19 from Year 6 to Year 7 and the life of young people living in Claremont.Bronze Arts Award is a Level 1 qualification (on the Regulated Qualifications Framework) and is open to young people aged 11 to 25. To achieve a Bronze Arts Award, young people collect evidence in an individual arts log or portfolio of their experiences, yours will be done through badges and online through the Blackpool City of Learning Platform.Find out more about the Bronze Arts Award and watch the video.This playlist will help you to think about all of these and to take a step further into the world of photography.The adventure will allow you to:• Share your ambitions as a young photographer and why you want to do the Bronze Arts Award.• Take Part in a range of photography based activities and develop your creative skills.• Be the audience and experience art, by visiting the Grundy Art Gallery.• Be creatively inspired by professional photographers and explore other photographers.• Plan and share your developed photography skills with others.You will be asked to provide a range of evidence to get your Bronze Arts Award and to complete the Framed Transitions activities, badges and overall learning playlist badge.Evidence you can use includes; links to videos, photographs, audio or online work as well as writing descriptions of your experiences.

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1. Picture This - Ambition and Bronze Arts Award
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#promote artwork
#extended skills
#demonstrate ambition
#research methodology
#understanding instructions
#demonstrating curiosity
#show motivation
#creating artwork
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