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Gimme Five

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Gimme Five

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‘Gimme Five’ is a Learning Playlist and forms part one of The Platforms Essential Career Skills Programme. It provides a structured and guided programme of exploration, reflection and evidence built around FIVE of the 21st Century Skills that will help you towards developing and growing as well as recognising the skills, abilities and interest you have and can gain.

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Activity 1 - Resilience
3 sati
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This is your chance to share with us and explore more what routine means to you.

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Activity 2 - Routine Preuzmi ovu značku znanja

The owner of this badge has completed the required 4 tasks required for Activity 2: Routine which forms a part of the learning playlist Gimme Five. The skills, knowledge and attitudes gained and demonstrated through completing these tasks include:
• Learners will collect information on Routine habits and will analyse and discuss their findings.
• Learners will develop an understanding of the importance of a healthy Routine.
• Learners will be able to identify ways to improve their own Routine
Completing these four tasks means they have successfully worked to gain the Routine badge and are now on their way towards achieving the overall Gimme Five badge.

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Zadatak broj1
Dokaz verifikovan od strane: jedan/na organizator/ka aktivnosti
Describe an average day for you from morning to bedtime, what’s your regular routine?
Zadatak broj2
Dokaz verifikovan od strane: jedan/na organizator/ka aktivnosti
What do you think is missing in your day? What do you think is bad about your routine?
Zadatak broj3
Dokaz verifikovan od strane: jedan/na organizator/ka aktivnosti
Ask 2-3 people what are the benefits of routine and how their routines help them? Share your findings. What do you think is good about a routine?
Zadatak broj4
Dokaz verifikovan od strane: jedan/na organizator/ka aktivnosti
Identify what you could do to improve your routine to be better ready for work? Is it starting with a healthy breakfast, eating at regular times, drinking plenty of water, planning what to wear, or getting enough sleep? What things are on your list.


Cookson St, Blackpool FY1 3EF, UK


#demonstrate confidence
#Individual initiative
#adapt to change
#carry out internet research
#Nurtures optimism, hope, resilience, self-efficacy and a sense of purpose to support learning and action
#encourage good habits to promote successful communication
#apply learning strategies
#demonstrate positive attitude
#document and share well results
#Identify your strengths and weaknesses
#boost positive behaviour
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