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It's All About You

Blackpool FY1 2PZ, UK

It's All About You

Blackpool FY1 2PZ, UK


This is an opportunity for us to find out some more about you. Take your time and share as much as you can.

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The owner of this badge has completed the required 4 tasks for this playlist activity ‘It’s All About You’ as part of the Peer Educators Induction Playlist which includes:
● Sharing personal hobbies, interests and talents.
● Demonstrating creativity through drawing a self-portrait.
● Explored and shared expectations and interests in the club.

The holder of this badge has researched, shared and provided evidence that demonstrates their motivations for becoming a club peer educator.
Completing this activity is one out of six required activities and a part of the Magic Clubs Peer Educators Induction Playlist.

You have to finish all tasks to get the badge
Task no.1
Evidence verified by: one activity organiser
Task 1: Who are you and what are your interests, hobbies, passions and talents?
Task no.2
Evidence verified by: one activity organiser
Task 2: At Magic Club art and creativity is one of our key pillars for our work. We want you to draw a self portrait and share it with us here (don’t worry we are not here to judge we just want you to express yourself):
Task no.3
Evidence verified by: one activity organiser
Task 3: What are you most looking forward to being a Peer Educator?
Task no.4
Evidence verified by: one activity organiser
Task 4: What type of activities would you be most interested in supporting as a Peer Educator (crafts, cooking, games, play etc)?


Blackpool FY1 2PZ, UK


#share ideas
#personal development
#manual drawing techniques
Personal development
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Time to complete: 2 hours


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