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Filling out an application and documents


Filling out an application and documents



In this activity you can learn what may be asked in a tenancy application form and how they are laid out. Making applications can be pretty hard for some people. Especially if you are a person who might need extra support in filling out forms. This can be helpful as practice so when you come to fill out a real application it might not seem as scary and you can have the correct information ready to give, making it easier and faster for you to complete your application.

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By achieving this badge you will show you will have improved skill in the first stages of finding your own home. If you still need extra support with your forms and documents, do not panic! It is ok to need help and ok to ask who ever is supporting you in your application.
Task no. 1
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Please click this link and take a look at the tenancy application. Read through and see what type of questions you might be asked when you complete your real application. You can read and look just online or print it out for practice. Please DO NOT use this form for a real application. All agencies will have their own application processes.

Task no. 2
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Read this checklist and feel free to print one off for future reference when you come to do your application. If you think of other things to add to remember for your own application, make notes in the space and grow your checklist!


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Time to complete: 10 minutes


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