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Prioritising Principles

Blackpool, UK

Prioritising Principles

Blackpool, UK


Building on values, this is now your moment to think about principles. These are the golden rules that guide us - things we believe are absolutely right or absolutely wrong, and the lines we won’t cross. One example might be treating others the way you want to be treated. However, these principles can be influenced by situations we might find ourselves in - at work or with friends or family - so communicating them effectively can be really important. This is your chance to reflect on your principles and think about situations when they’ve been influenced by others.

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The owner of this badge has completed the required 4 tasks for Prioritising Principles that include:
  • Identified some of their own principles
  • Reflected on a time they’ve been influenced by others to ignore their own principles
  • Identified strategies for sticking to their principles in future and communicate them effectively
  • Discussed principles with another person and shared strategies with them

The holder of this badge has worked independently to research and share their findings. The evidence provided for each task shows how the holder worked on these topics.

Completing these four tasks means they have successfully worked to gain the Prioritising Principles badge and are now well on their way towards achieving the overall Values & Ethics badge.
You have to finish all tasks to get the badge
Task no.1
Evidence verified by: one activity organiser
Thinking about the explanation of principles - and your own values - identify five principles that are important for you and share them here:
Task no.2
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Remember a time when you were influenced by others to do something that didn’t fit with the principles you’ve identified in task one. Share some reflections on why you did what you did and how that made you feel?
Task no.3
Evidence verified by: one activity organiser
Now, thinking about that same scenario, consider how you might have responded differently and communicated your principles more effectively. Share your reflection here.
Task no.4
Evidence verified by: one activity organiser
Finally, identify a friend/a parent/or other and discuss what principles guide you. What principles do you have in common and which ones are important for your relationship with each other? Share the insights you found from your discussion here:


Blackpool, UK


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