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Into to mindfulness through photography

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Into to mindfulness through photography

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Through this session, photography will be used as a tool for adventure and meditation.

Tasks encourage a slowing down of self and to develop a non-judgment attitude to your own images. Photography can be as much about being lost in a moment and serendipitous happenings associated with creativity, these sessions explore a camera as a form of experimentation and a tool that might create new experiences.

This workshop helps participants to look, see, and hear things that are perhaps sometimes overlooked creating personal narratives and storytelling.

Photography as a form of personal visual language through meditative moments.

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  • The Mindful photographer sessions encourage participants to use photography as a mode of adventure and mindfulness using any camera available to them. The sessions incorporate a short meditation and a series of small tasks to help create a connection to our immediate environment.

  • It encourages participants to explore inside or outside using a link to access a video taking you through a guided meditation followed by simple photographic tasks around light, shade, and environment.

  • Sessions encourage participants to slow down and begin to notice with the help of a photographic lens as a tool.

  • You can use any camera available to you a phone or a DSLR.

  • Be sure to follow the video link for meditation and visual prompts.

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1. Choose 3 images that illustrate your first session and choose 1 or 2 words that reflect or describe the image and upload.

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2. Think about How you felt when you first opened your eyes - can you describe it? Write a sentence about that sensation here or use 3 words.



#ustvarjalno razmišljati
#thinking creatively
#showing confidence
#narrate a story
Personal development
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Potreben čas za dokončanje: 45 minuta


Claire Griffiths
Shutter Release - Mindful Photography Workshops
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